The original idea for Esenda (formerly known as FX4) was conceived by founders Bertie Simpson and Tom Horton whilst at Millfield School after they noticed there was little payment & collection technology in place.

They approached the school bursar to ask how technology might be used to improve the traditional time-consuming fee collection process. The answer was a globally secure, single source, integrated payments solution as it would not only benefit the school but also the school’s fee payers living in various countries across the world.

In 2018, after working in the financial and payment spaces, Tom and Bertie quit their jobs and FX4 (now known as Esenda) was born. They agreed that the immediate priority would be to cater to the international students’ market but quickly recognised that it was the use of technology that greatest gains could be made, through streamlining processes and eliminating un-necessary costs. It wasn’t long before they realised that adding a domestic payment facility could add further value, making Esenda the school one-stop-shop school payment and collection solution.